The Games We Play


Please double-check your book version selection, as the covers may vary. Special Editions (if available) feature an alternate cover and include the bonus short prequel. All versions are signed by the author, Jasmine Garner.

If he doesn’t play the game, a heart will break. If he does, a heart will get shattered.

When Winston makes a wager with his friends to see who can seduce a woman into falling in love with them first, he knows he’s going to win. And once he does, the rewards will be great. But from the moment he meets Robyn, he realizes the only prize he wants to win is her heart.

He likes her too much to play the game, but if he doesn’t, he risks breaking the heart of the only other person he cares about.

Their attraction is instant, their lust unmistakable. But Robyn has secrets of her own, a double life and a heartbreaking past that makes her walls hard to pierce.

Winston is too obsessed with her to let her walk away— but he’s not the only one.

They can’t keep their hands off each other, and they can’t stop thinking about each other. But as secrets become revealed, there’s more at stake than just their hearts. And when everything comes crashing down, Winston has to think of a way to fix it as hearts, futures, and lives are on the line.

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