Honeymoon With The Stranger


Please double-check your book version selection, as the covers may vary. Special Editions (if available) feature an alternate cover and include the bonus short prequel. All versions are signed by the author, Jasmine Garner.

Abandoned days before her extravagant destination wedding, Shae is cast into a pit of hopelessness so deep, the only thing her mind can concentrate on is trying to survive.

Her entire life has been nothing but tragedy, bad luck, and bad decisions—how stupid of her to think she could find happiness with someone.

With nothing to live for, she finds herself paralyzed in her depression, unable to find a light, a reason to go on.

Until an unbearably sexy stranger enters her life. Instead of helping her survive, he begins showing her how to really LIVE.

The more time she spends with him, the more she questions everything she held true to believe about herself. she’s changes for sure, but is she changing for the better or is this stranger taking her deeper into depths of her own personal hell? Part 1 of 2.

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