All or Nothing


Please double-check your book version selection, as the covers may vary. Special Editions (if available) feature an alternate cover and include the bonus short prequel. All versions are signed by the author, Jasmine Garner.

The man she has isn’t good for her, and the man she craves doesn’t want her.

To the outside world, Mercedes is perfect. Inside, she’s hanging on by a thread. When she meets two billionaire brothers who turn her life upside down, she quickly falls for both of them. But the timing couldn’t be worse. She needs to get her life together and heal the wounds of her past if she wants a real shot at a relationship. The brother who is interested in a relationship with her is just as damaged, and she doesn’t know if she can handle his chaos on top of her own.

Spencer, the man she wants, continuously pushes her away. If Spencer really is the man she’s supposed to be with, why is he treating her like she’s disposable? Her brain has always been her worst enemy; she should know better than to listen to her broken mind. Warren, the man she has, wants Mercedes more than he’s ever wanted a woman in his life. His ever-growing obsession with her causes his playboy lifestyle to quickly fade to the side. But old habits die hard, and by the time Mercedes realizes Warren isn’t all he’s cracked up to be, she may be in too deep.

She wants them both, but maybe she needs neither. At the end of a whirlwind entanglement filled with pain, loss, and life-altering changes, she knows she has to pick one of them—she just hopes she chooses the right man.

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