Mr. February

Mr. February

The only thing Debbie likes about Logan is his body. So, when they get stranded together in a cabin and are forced to get to know each other, all hell breaks loose as their personalities clash.

About the Book

He wants her to see a new side of him, but he can’t stop with the childish antics. If he wants her to drop her walls, he needs to drop his first. But the harder he tries, the more disgusted she becomes with him.

Their forced proximity is bringing out the worst in both of them as they continuously antagonize each other. They need to choose whether they’re going to spend their isolation driving each other crazy…or driving each other wild.

Eventually, pesky feelings interfere with their fun, but by the time they acknowledge them, it may be too late to salvage their relationship.

Series: Hot Boys, Book 2
Genres: Books by Jasmine, Series
eBook Price: 3.99
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