My First Series- Diamond Elite

It’s no secret that writers incorporate their personal experiences into their art.

“Is this based on something that happened to you?”

“This is too random for you to have just made up. Is this part real?”

“Is [insert male character] based on [insert ex-boyfriend]?”

“Is [insert male character] based on your husband?!”

I’m certainly not exempt from these questions, but as an author of steamy romance, these types of questions can quickly lead to an awkward conversation. But truthfully… yes, a lot of what I write stems from things I’ve experienced. We all have those weird, borderline unbelievable stories- I’m no different. I take that back- I might be slightly worse than average.

My experiences ensure that I constantly have an idea or two brewing in my head, and I’m always looking for ways to incorporate the unique tales of my life into my stories to make them one of a kind. The problem with some of my experiences, however, is that they are often difficult to fit within the narrative of my realistic novels without seeming out of place. I often have to tone them down a bit.

But I want to be able to share them in their full glory. Eventually, I figured why not just go crazy with an over the top story for a super fun read? So, I started writing the Diamond Elite series.

I’ve sat on the idea for a while now. The series is much different than my normal stories. I contemplated publishing it under a different pen name, but quickly scratched that idea. I don’t want an anonymous name getting credit for such a fun story. I’m not sure if it’s the type of story you all will like- but I don’t want fear of the unknown to stop me from telling my tales.

I needed a world where the character- or characters- would frequently encounter strange sex scenarios. The answer was obvious- escorts. Diamond Elite is about three women at different points in their lives working at a high-end escort agency- with a twist. They’re double agents of sorts, uncovering classified information for the highest bidders, seducing unsuspecting targets, and breaking the rules just enough to get themselves in a bit of trouble.

They’re spies. They’re escorts. And they’re a hot ass mess.

Book 1 of the Diamond Elite series is coming soon- this month. I hope you all enjoy it, because it’s a hell of a good time to write.

And as for those invasive questions people like to ask? My answer is always the same. Yes, I pull from my real life, but to what extent? I’ll never tell 😉

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