Interracial Romance Books- Find New Authors

Where do you go to find interracial BWWM romance books?

I’m a reader just as much as I am a writer. Although I will read anything (I seriously will read textbooks for fun- currently reading a criminal justice college textbook I stole from my cousin), my favorite genres are horror and romance books. Specifically, I love interracial romance (obviously…) and African American romance.

On top of discovering new books, I also love discovering new authors. There were a few websites and blogs that catered to BWWM Romance and black romance, but as the weeks go on, they are becoming less and less active, or completely shutting down.

As a reader, it’s becoming hard to find new authors. As a writer, it’s becoming harder to connect with new readers. So, my goal is to fix that.

The Niche Retreat is a brand new website I’ve been helping to launch. It’s a new place to find books in the interracial, AA, and lesbian romance genres. We’re in the early stages, but the feedback so far has been wonderful. Check out the new site (which is updated regularly).

Email me with feedback for improvements- what you like, what you don’t like. Also, send me book recommendations!

I hope this will turn into a great community for lovers of awesome, but often neglected romance book genres.

And now, back to writing!



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