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March 2017


New Release for Kindle Unlimited- Original Sin

As members of the most exclusive escort agency in the country, these honey pots are expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct. Mistakes while on duty for Diamond Elite could not only result in termination, but could get a girl killed.

These escorts are trained in the art of fine seduction, manipulation, and self-defense. They aren’t getting paid to sleep with men- they’re getting paid to learn their secrets. And when the girls decide to break the rules a bit, the consequences come tenfold.

Diamond Elite is who you call if you need to something done that could be considered morally ambiguous- or illegal.

There’s never a dull moment. Nights of car accidents, prohibited sex, and a little bit of larceny- the girls of Diamond Elite need a refresher in professionalism. Although how much professionalism can be expected of women who are willing to sell themselves to the highest bidder?

At the end of the day, these highly trained women are just like anyone else- they have families, personal goals, and social lives to balance all while keeping their careers a secret.

But how can you be successful in relationships when your job requires you to lie, cheat, steal… and sleep with other men?

Author’s note:

  • This series is about women working as sex workers, so prepare yourself for controversial/immoral/inappropriate scenarios.
  • This series is unlike my normal erotic romance, but many of you will still enjoy it.

And book one is out for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited now!


One Week Only! Wide Release for THREE Books!

All of my books are available in Kindle Unlimited, meaning I can not publish them elsewhere for non-Kindle readers. For just one week, I’m pulling three of my favorites, and making them available for sale everywhere- Google Play Store, Nook, Kobo, etc. My other books will be available soon as well. Find out first by signing up to my newsletter, or you can check back here!

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