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Lies. Betrayal. Tragedy. Life gets rough at times. Luckily, true love always wins. Welcome to the world of man crushes and happily ever afters.

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About Me

Jasmine Garner is a freelancer, editor, and author of scorching erotica and interracial erotic romance. Several of her books have been number one bestsellers in her categories, and her loyal fan base is growing by the day.
She can be found on social media: @JGarnerBooks. The easiest way to contact her is via email:

Book Trailer: Falling for the Stranger

Latest Releases

Falling for the Stranger

The Stranger: Part 2

Check back every few weeks for updates about upcoming projects.

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New Romance Release: Falling for the Stranger

  Shae and Derek’s journey is finally complete. They have a lot of demons to face, and a lot of secrets to confess, but it’s worth it if it means they have a real chance at happiness. Her experience in D.C. is nothing like she expected, but she knows accepting change is the only way […]

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