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Catch Me if You Can- Available NOW!

If Loving You is Wrong...- Out late November/Early December 2017

Falling in Love with the Stranger (the conclusion to Honeymoon with the Stranger)- Out December 2017



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After years of being alone, Tamara is thrown for a loop as emotions, desires, and thoughts of a man she just met invade her headspace. But he enters her life at the worst possible time.

She’s trapped in a circle of uncertainty. Either the man from her past will reemerge and finish what he started, or the mysterious man of her future is going to break her heart. She doesn't know which will happen, but she knows at least one will. So she runs.

She knows she can't run forever, and she's exhausted. She's ready to reclaim her life and get back to the person she used to be. In order to do that, she must face her past and open up to an unknown future.

The more she pushes past her fears, the more shaky things become: friends turn into enemies, simple lies become a source of danger, and the man she put her faith into is not as perfect as he appeared to be.

Once again, she has to decide if she is going to face her fears... or run.

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